Cancer not only affects the body but it also affects the mind. It can affect ones attitude, outlook, and even cognitive ability. We can't stress enough the importance of remaining positive, proactive, and framing the right mindset. Think of an athletes mentality before a big game. 

The resources below will help caregivers and patients alike focus on the brain and the positive impact it can have on the body. 

Importance of the Right Mindset.

Here @ CQ, we understand the importance of having the right mindset and attitude. Our brief article explains the athlete mindset, it's significance and how you can proactively apply it to your fight with cancer. 

"You Are Not Your Cancer."

You are not your cancer. As we briefly discussed in our overview article listed above, the mind can play an important role in your overall well being and in the body's ability to fight off disease. 

One really important distinction to be made is that you are not your cancerYour cancer may be present in your body but it is separate from your identity, your spirit, and who you are as a person both past, present, and future. 

Psychosocial Oncologist Dr Paul Brenner, M.D., PhD at UCSD Health Systems San Diego Cancer Center elegantly describes this concepts and the power of positive thinking in his blog post on Stand Up To Cancer's blog


Meditation on the Go: Mobile App for Everyone. 

We can't be more supportive of this wonderful and easy-to-use mobile app that gives you quick access to meditations on the go, right from your smartphone. 

Buddhify 2 is a great app that provides you with over 80+ guided meditations (ranging from 3 to 15 minutes each) on a whole host of topics. "Can't Sleep" "Pain & Illness" "Walking" to name a few. The team behind Buddhify 2 wanted to offer meditations that can be used in different circumstances: going to sleep, traveling, in nature, sitting at a desk, and more. 

We recommend this meditation for patients and caregivers alike. Use liberally. Note: the app is a bit more pricey than most apps as it costs $4.99 to download.

The Power of Laughter. 

Don't laugh, the power of laughter can be a powerful tool. We're serious. 

Not only does laughter lift spirits, improve mood, and help give perspective during a fight with cancer, it also literally effects the body physically - in a good way. 

Just how powerful is laughter? The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) offer a program on laughter therapy. For an overview of laughter's health benefits, read more from CTCA.  

Enjoy time as a family, as a group, and cherish every moment. You never know what the future holds. 

Thought and Prayer. 

We have highlighted the power of the mind, but don't want to ignore the power of prayer. 

Here @ CQ, we respect and support all religions and faiths. We would never discriminate against anyone for their beliefs. Having an open mind and being accepting of the world's religions, we believe, is key to our future as a society. 

Religion can also play an important role in you or your loved one's journey with cancer. For a quick overview of some of the benefits of prayer and spirituality, we turn to the National Cancer Institute's overview. 

In Depth: Further Scientific Reading on the Power of Psychology in Cancer

The American Psychological Association recently published an entire journal related to psychology and cancer. 

The online site allows you access to all article topics as well as the abstract from each piece. The APA does sell copies of the full journal publication (which you will see the option to purchase via PDF or hardcopy), but we recommend reading each article's abstract first. 

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