Our Wheel

One of the most important things we want patients and caregivers (friends & family) to understand is that a cancer diagnosis and the subsequent battle to beat cancer requires a comprehensive approach and mindset. An "all hands on deck" approach.

We have categorized a cancer battle into 8 core sections, providing an overview of the landscape, as depicted below by our wheel design. Our wheel represents your overall care. 

Each section of the wheel is equal in size & weight on purpose: each section is vital, plays an important role, and should be given equal attention. Maybe not all at once, but definitely at different stages of the cancer journey. 

For example, once you have started treatment, let's say chemotherapy, 'Nutrition' and 'Treatment' are both very, very important topics. If you can't maintain a healthy nutrition, you may not be strong enough or able to tolerate treatments accordingly. Therefore both sections of the wheel are equally important to understand and act upon at that time. 

Each section of the wheel is vital to your overall care and should be treated equally. Cancer requires an “all hands on deck” approach.
— Zach Weismann, CancerQ Co-Founder


We will be providing you with extremely valuable resources, tools, links, and ideas on each of these 8 sections to help propel you into action & understanding.  

These resources come from personal experiences, dedicated research, expert recommendations, and hundreds of conversations with patients, caregivers, and leaders in our CQ community. 

You can click on each section of the wheel or on the left-hand toolbar to explore each section's valuable resources. 

In summary:

  • 8 wheel sections (topics) of equal weight & Importance

  • 4-5+ resources & tools per section

  • one blog post per section of the wheel

What that adds up to is nearly 40 resources and 8 blog posts that will save you time, point you in the right direction, and help you get organized, feel informed, and catapult you into action. Not just education, but execution

In addition, we created our 'First Five' list of 5 resources / things we encourage you to do ASAP and a corresponding First Five Blog Post summarizing & explaining why these resources are important, links of which are below:

First Five resources

First Five blog post summary

Use The wheel to explore each section and all Its valuable resources. 

Access The Wheel, save, and connect with all resources listed on our site (and more) by creating your CQ Dashboard personal account. Your personal Dashboard account allows you to create notes, save links, access the latest research, and connect with others who have similar experience.