Importance of the Right Mindset.

The brain is a powerful tool. Often more powerful than we think and so is it's control over our bodies. 

Ever been stressed out and gotten a headache a few days later? This is an example of the mind's power over our body and how it can take its toll physically. 

Ever been playing a sport, practicing, or training only to have a coach or trainer yell at you to do more? "I can't" you probably thought or uttered. Then your mind pushed your body even further and you accomplished your goal. 

Cancer is challenging because it takes its toll on you both mentally and physically. Our site hopes to help you prepare both physically and mentally. 

Here @CQ we encourage you to adopt the athlete mindset. 

What is an athlete mindset? 

It's when you believe without a doubt that you are going to win the fight. It's when you channel the fear, anxiety, negativity into positive action. It's about positive affirmation - "I can do this. I can beat this. We can do this together." 

I can do this. I can beat this. We can do this together.
— CQ Team

That's why having a plan and being organized is important. Because it gives you that next step. When you say, "Ok, I'm ready to go. Let's do this." It helps define, now what? What can I do now to be prepared, to be ready?

Reading, researching, asking questions, can all help you prepare. 

But just as we touched on in our Launch Pad article, while it is important to keep the patient at the focal point of attention, focus, and care, it is also important to keep in mind their mental attitude and mental capacity. Just as important as it is for the patient to have the right athlete mentality, it's also important for them to relax and recuperate from treatments, procedures, or medicine side effects. 

Sometimes a patients energy and mentality is best served resting, recharging. This energy is best spent when focused inward. Sleeping and resting before the big game, or big match. 

It's not being selfish - it's recharging so the patient can be focus and ready to go for the next steps. 

The patient's mindset is important and so are the caregiver and family's mindsets. When you get your team organized and prepared, you can focus on the tasks at hand with clarity, with piece of mind, and with full energy. A practice is organized and led by a coach for a reason. 

You may have already read online about the right "attitude" for a fight with cancer. The athletic mindset we described above. But what's often challenging is finding the right tools to aid you, the patient, and caregivers in developing this mindset. 

Meditation is an important tool. 

Rest is in an important tool. 

Positive affirmations are important tools. 

And so is getting organized, prepared, and ready

And so is having fun. Put on old records / songs, dance, live, laugh, cry. 

Don't let cancer take a single moment. Win that moment, then you will win the day, the week, the month, and the year. 

Together, we can do anything. But you must believe this. You can do it. 

- CQ Team

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