This is Your Launch Pad.  

There are A LOT of cancer resources. Articles, studies, links, packets, doctors, friends/family recommendations, suggestions, and input. New products, medicines, treatments and cutting-edge studies - all seemingly introduced on a daily basis. And the list goes on.  

At CancerQ, we understand how this can quickly become overwhelming. Cancer rocks a family's foundation and comes with a host of emotions. You find yourself thinking "why me?" or "why us?" It can feel extremely isolating even though many have gone through it before and many will to come. CancerQ will help you channel these emotions - sadness, anger, fear, anxiety - and turn them into tangible action. Think of CancerQ as the launch pad to get you organized and moving quickly towards fighting your cancer. 

So start here, start with us. 

β€œThe idea of beating cancer is daunting. Cancer threatens to take away your future, and it can cripple your present moment. Beating this disease has to start by winning each moment. And then you will win that day. And days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Never let cancer take one day.”
— Miles & Emily, Lung Cancer Survivors

Together we will move forward, forever evolving through the power of community. Cancer is aggressive. So are we. Cancer moves quickly. So do we. 

To help you get started, we have put together resources we feel are most important - vetted by other patients, caregivers, and doctors. Explore these resources and send us your feedback. What was most helpful? What have you recommended to others? What is no longer relevant? 



Navigating all available cancer resources and recommendations quickly becomes overwhelming. Get moving and organized quickly through our First Five resources. 

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