We aim to aid in your fight against cancer.
We aim to be a place of comfort and support for all those who have been through it before.
And this is just the beginning.
Together is Courage. 

announcing our CancerQ Dashboard!


We are excited to announce our CancerQ (CQ) Dashboard!

  • Are you and your family current facing cancer?
  • Do you know someone recently diagnosed? 
  • Have you fought cancer in the past, either directly or in support of a loved one? 

Then our Dashboard can be an extremely helpful tool.

Our innovative dashboard platform allows families, patients, and cancer supporters to organize and save all their own important cancer resources (notes, files, links, research, and more) while connecting with recommended articles, resources, CQ Ambassadors with specific cancer experience, and more. All resources are hand selected by our CancerQ Community, Advisors, and CancerQ Ambassadors. Your own collection is private and personal, just for you.

Available to patients, caregivers, friends & family members currently facing cancer as well as to those who have faced it in the past. How it works: 


Here's how anyone can Access 
the CQ dashboard:

Are you or a loved one currently facing cancer? 
Create an account now to get you and your family organized, prepared, and connected for your cancer journey. 

Do you know someone facing cancer & want to help? 
Enter their information and purchase access to the Dashboard on their behalf. They will be emailed a login and have instant access to get organized and moving quickly.

Want to purchase a CQ Dashboard license for someone you don't know and 'Pay it Forward'?
Purchase for the general good and we will reach out to individual families facing cancer. Your purchase will grant them free access for a year. (Please check "Purchase Anonymously") 

Have valuable resources & tools to share? 
Sign up and for 30 days you can enter all the resources, sites, links, documents, & more that you found most helpful in your cancer journey. This will contribute to our database as we vet and recommend to the wider community.


                                         how We @ Cancer Q Help:


We give you quick access to vetted cancer resources selected from leading medical institutions, helpful personal blogs, nonprofits, and even some unlikely sources. Access & save all resources in your personal CQ Dashboard account.

We connect you with other caregivers, patients, and CQ Ambassadors who have direct experience with cancer. You can provide feedback, ask questions, and learn together. Connect with others who have been through it too. 

Utilize our vetted resources, supportive community, and our efficient Wheel design to set a cancer fighting game plan. We are always adding the latest resources and tools. Share with us what's worked for you and what hasn't.


What can you do here? 

1. Explore our Wheel to find the most useful, community-vetted cancer resources from leading medical institutions, experts, and even some unlikely sources  - understanding that each topic is equally important. 

2. Quickly reference & re-access these vital, informative, and helpful resources in our Resources Database.

3. Create your very own cancer fighting headquarters with our CancerQ Dashboard. Create an account, upload notes, files, create notes, share with family & friends - all while accessing all of our resources in a library that you can search, filter, and pull from. Think of it as all your cancer research and resources safely and securely in one private place.

4. Connect with others who have been there and are further along in their cancer journey through our     CQ Ambassador Program

5. Learn through shared cancer experiences: Our Blog

6. Take Action. Contribute, share, and keep coming back for more helping spark action & change. 

7. Search our site and resources for pertinent information. Ex: chemotherapy, nutrition, side effects. 



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