Why us?

We are experienced passionate individuals who have all been greatly affected by cancer. Our community aims to connect people to the most valuable, expert, and useful resources available. We have conducted hours & hours of research and led hundreds of conversations with doctors, oncologists, patients, caregivers, survivors & families to provide real, honest, unbiased resources  and recommendations. We believe in the power of community!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
— Margaret Mead

Why trust us? 

We let the community speak for itself. We understand the importance when facing cancer of being nimble, malleable, and the need for change - in a hurry.  There is endless value in learning from shared experiences. We offer unbiased recommendations and are in no way affiliated with the products we promote and recommend.

Why keep coming back? 

Connecting you to valuable resources is just the beginning - scratching the surface of what we think is not only possible but necessary. We have so many ideas coming down the pipeline and that are currently in development, but first, we must build a community! 

It’s not just about offering suggestions and sharing knowledge, it’s also about listening - to you. We encourage & need feedback, questions, and suggestions. 

Why is building a community so important?

A community will allow us all to stay up to date on the latest research, resources, tools, and treatments. It will allow us to share experiences (both good and bad), and it is the driver of change. 

And because, together we can do anything. 

What Does "Too Long; Didn't Read, TL:DR" Mean? 

At the end of our written articles and blog posts, you may notice the line "Too Long; Didn't Read" followed by one or two sentences. These sentences serve as a quick summary of the article above. We encourage you to read all of our articles / blog posts, but we definitely understand that when facing a cancer diagnosis there are many things going on and sometimes you just don't have the time you hoped for. 

What is our "WHY"?

Why did we launch this endeavor? Because we lost our rock, the foundation of our family, our beloved friend & Mom to pancreatic cancer in 2014. We are doing this for her, passing on what we learned in hopes that others don't have to experience what we went through as a family. 

Our mom's nickname was "Q" short for Questioner. She was always asking questions, checking in, and wanting to know what everyone is up to. All rooted in love. Her love for family is endless. 

CancerQ, this cancer headquarters & cancer community, is dedicated to our "Q". We love you #Forever.