Let's pull, not push resources. And how you can help.

Every hour in the US alone, 200 people will be diagnosed with cancer.

That's a lot of loved ones, a lot of friends, family members, and co-workers now faced with the task of fighting cancer.

At the same time, given the rise of the internet and amount of information online, that's a lot of individuals and their families that are going to be conducting online research. Looking up symptoms, side effects, diagnosis, resources, tools, medicines, treatment options - on and on.

In the current medical environment, when a family faces cancer and conducts perhaps hours and hours of online research vetting the best tools, the best doctors, treatment options, etc. on their own - that data goes no where.

Think about it: if you have ever researched information online for an illness, does anyone ever ask you for the tools you found most helpful? Does any institution try to collect that information to help better inform the next 200 people who will be diagnosed by the time we finish writing this blog post? Does a doctor ask for those apps, websites, and research docs you used that may have played a huge role in someone's fight and recovery? Nope.

That's a problem we aim to solve. And we need your help. 

Medical institutions and hospitals do a great job pushing resources to you, but we as patients, caregivers, and families need to do a better job pulling resources together among ourselves.

By sending us any resource - website, organization, supplement, book - anything you found helpful to aid in one's fight against cancer, our team is able to vet that resource for credibility and add it to our database.

These resources and tools are then distributed via our CancerQ Dashboard to all of our users to aid in their fight (Over 100 members to date). Not to mention, it allows us to update and refresh the 40+ resources we have on the CancerQ website.

We want to crowdsource the best tools out there to better equip the next diagnosed individual and family member - And you can help. You have extremely valueable experience, insights, and research you can now pay forward.

So drop us a quick note at admin@cancer-q.com and let us know what resources you found most helpful, and continue to find most helpful. Anything pertaining to cancer.

We appreciate your support - together is courage.