The Healing Power of Design.

At CancerQ, we take design very seriously. We hope this is evident by this first version of our website, introduction to The Wheel and its 8 cancer topics, and quick access to all our vital cancer aiding resources. 

By why is design important in a fight with cancer? 

Product design, web design, and designing with the user (you) in mind, can help those facing cancer access resources quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Effective design can save caregivers and patients precious time which can be better spent elsewhere. 

Think for a moment about all the articles, pieces of information, and research you have been shared, told to read, encouraged to sift through. How can one possibly keep track of all this information in addition to what a doctor or oncologist is telling you? 

We believe designing web pages, resources, and products with this in mind can help. That is what we are doing here at CancerQ. We have been through a cancer fight personally, we are talking to experts, other patients and caregivers, and those in the trenches with you. We are designing products and resources for the patient, for families. 

In today's technological world, people feel comfortable behind a computer screen. Research indicates that people often ask questions to a computer, to a search engine, that they would never ask another person or feel comfortable enough asking a doctor. You are free to be yourself, take risks, and take the necessary time to understand a particular confusing medical subject when behind a computer screen in the comfort of your own home. 

If you are currently facing cancer, there are steps you can take now to utilize design to its fullest potential to help you fight cancer and ultimately heal:

  1. Track, save, flag, and aggregate resources with Pocket. Pocket allows these resources to be viewed and read offline (good for in a hospital or cancer center when internet can be hard to find)
  2. Review our First Five that includes vital steps towards getting organized and being proactive. 
  3. Bookmark and constantly refer to our Resources Page. This page is a complete list of all the resources provided in The Wheel (over 40+ to date). Once you understand The Wheel and its concepts, you can come back to our Resources Page which allows you to quickly grab, share, or search for topics and links. If you constantly return to the Resources Page to grab links and go on your way, we have designed it well. 
  4. Help us vet and curate resources. Was a particular resource helpful? Was it not helpful? Let us know. 

Design can help us heal. Design can bring us together to fight cancer with all we've got. Cancer is an uphill battle, with many improvements to be made. We hope you will join us as we continue to develop products and resources. We are working hard to bring some much needed change and we have big dreams. 

If you remove the "why" from "your cancer" it becomes "our cancer". 

- CQ Team