CancerQ Ambassador Launch

Calling all cancer ambassadors. Today, we launch our CancerQ Ambassador Program. 

What is a CancerQ (CQ) Ambassador? 

CQ Ambassadors are a growing community of patients, caregivers, experts, and survivors who believe in change, have personal experience fighting a particular cancer or even multiple, and believe in the power of shared information, experiences, and tools - all in the name of hope and change. 

CQ Ambassadors help others through our CancerQ platform in their fight against cancer - whether you are newly diagnosed, further along in your journey, or a survivor, we hope they can prove a valuable resource for you. They help us here at CQ vet resources, medical treatments, and cutting edge research. They are here to share their best and most valuable cancer fighting tools, resources, and sites with you. 

You can now contact & connect via email with our CQ Ambassadors directly through our site by completing the brief contact form.

Sharing Resources

When facing cancer, an individual or family often accumulates many resources that they have vetted, been recommended by doctors, nurses, non-profits, and found researching online. 

Each family develops their own "playbook." 

While each playbook is valuable, it often isn't shared. It may be shared with others but not publicly. We are building the first network that begins to publicly share these resources and the CQ Ambassador program is our first step. We feel sharing of these valuable resources can begin to point new patients in the right direction, saving valuable time spent searching for tools and answers. And when a new patient is diagnosed, they don't have to backtrack, essentially starting from scratch each time. 

Why Connect With A CQ Ambassador? 

Each CQ Ambassador has direct experience with a particular type of cancer (or even multiple types of cancer) and they will share with you some of their most valuable resources. 

It is not medical advice, but it is the sharing of valuable, vetted resources from others who have been there before. Ambassadors have experience at some of the leading medical centers across the country. Hopefully we begin to point people to resources, sites, information that is not only accurate but helpful and proactive. 

Apply to Become A CQ Ambassador

We are actively recruiting additional CQ Ambassadors. If you have direct experience with a particular cancer as either a patient, caregiver, supporter, or family member you can become a CQ Ambassador. 

Want to share valuable resources with others? Apply to join our quickly growing community. 

Together, we can do anything. 

- Zach Weismann, Co-Founder, CancerQ