Like us, you have probably realized there are lots of cancer resources out there and it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest news, tools, & information. We often asked ourselves, are we doing the right things? Are we doing all we can? 

But when we did find resources that were helpful, proactive and useful, we used them and referred to them often. In many cases, these resources were recommend to us by others in similar cancer battles - whether from caregivers, other patients, doctors or other organizations. 

Because of this, we are launching our 'Cancer Q Ambassador Program' in efforts to link people across the country who are in fights of their own, empower those to make recommendations, and pass these resources on to you. Ambassadors will be our eyes & ears in the field, helping us stay atop of the latest news & useful tools at a speed necessary to keep up with the speed of cancer. 


Are you passionate about helping others in their battle with cancer? Are you or a loved one currently battling cancer? Are you hoping to collaborate, learn, and share the latest tools and practices that are helping to revolution the cancer & healthcare landscape?

Then you sound like the kind of leader we’re looking for as a Cancer Q (CQ) Ambassador. 

Who are CQ Ambassadors?

CQ Ambassadors are a growing community of patients, caregivers, and survivors who believe in change, believe in better treatment options, and believe in the power of shared information, experiences, and tools - beyond the walls of one medical center. 

CQ Ambassadors help one another through the CQ platform in their fight against cancer -     whether you are newly diagnosed, further along in your journey, or a survivor.  

Why Another Community?

At CQ, we are working to change the cancer landscape with you. We believe there’s a better AND faster way to access vital information. We recognize in the importance of connecting with other like-minded individuals to share experiences and insights.

Through our Ambassador program, we seek transparency, allowing you to connect with other like-minded individuals to receive recommendations, helpful tools and information. 

We here @CQ will keep an eye on this community ensuring the best recommendations possible. We believe all information should be vetted to ensure relevance and accuracy. 

We hope to make you feel more prepared, informed, and at ease during your journey while helping you save as much time as possible. From here, we have so many ideas and directions we want to take a national ambassador program. But first things first...


All CQ Ambassadors are able & encouraged to:

  • Be present in the Cancer Q (CQ) community to answer questions, provide tools and tips to members, & share ideas / resources for battling cancer

  • Get early access to new features & share feedback directly with the CQ Team

  • Flag any issues you come across so our team can investigate

  • Recommend valuable resources on each of the 8 CQ Wheel sections

  • Drive the conversation about cancer, community, & CQ through social media (reposts, retweets, likes, share influencers) 

  • Grow the use of CQ in your network by sharing resources, attending our recommended events, & sharing your experience with peers & strangers alike


CQ Ambassadors enjoy special benefits & opportunities, such as:

  • Recognition (name & picture upon approval) posted on the CQ website

  • An official CQ Ambassador stamp by your name so everywhere you post, users patients and caregivers know they are interacting with a CQ Ambassador

  • CQ Gifts & Gear (Coming Soon) 

  • Recognition in our newsletters, blog, social media, and more (upon approval) 

  • Access to early releases of upcoming CQ features & projects

  • Opportunities to lead others, such as hosting webinars, attending meet-ups, moderating social media discussions (example: ambassador led twitter chat on particular topic or cancer) 

  • Membership in a tremendous growing network of individuals who have shared experiences, and think the cancer community and landscape need vast improvement. 


To apply, please fill out the brief form. We promise to keep your information private & secure. Once you've applied we will reach out to you directly. 

Thank you for your interest in the CQ Ambassador Program. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer.